2013 RC Invite Info: Boys' Tournament


RC Stevens             Spearfish              St. Thomas More             SF O’Gorman         

RC Central              Pierre                    Gillette                             Aberdeen Roncalli


VARSITY INV. SITES:                        JV. INV SITES:

Sioux Park Courts (12)                                   Parkview Courts (12)                           


VARSITY INV. FORMAT:                    JV. INV. FORMAT:

6 Singles      3 Doubles                                   6 Singles      3 Doubles

2 out of 3 sets w/ match tie break for 3rd set             2 out of 3 sets to 4 w/match tie break for 3rd set

-Consolation matches are 10 game prosets


(Singles Scoring- 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 Doubles Scoring- 12, 10, 8)

**** 1/2 Points for consolation and 3-4th Place Matches****

Entry Fee:

Varsity=          6 cans of balls            Junior Varsity=           6 cans of balls per team



Jason Olson 394-6965(Courts)             yankeejko@hotmail.com(email)

484-6973 (cell)      RCS    394-4016(AD)                  394-5322(FAX)     

·        Please email line-ups to Jason @ yankeejko@hotmail.com by Wed, April 24th..  



Friday, April 26th RC Invitational Dual Schedules

Time           Sioux Park                      Parkview                                                 

9am-                RCS vs. Ab. Roncalli                            

10am-               SFO vs. Pierre                         RCC vs. Gillette                      


Friday, April 26th RC Invitational Schedule:

1pm- Varsity Doubles begins at Sioux Park/ 1pm- JV Doubles Begins at Parkview

4:30pm- Championship matches (Time is an estimate)


Saturday, April 27th- RC Invitational Schedule:

8am- Varsity Singles: begins at Sioux Park/ JV Singles: begins at Parkview

2pm: Estimate for finals at both sites.