2010 Stevens Spaghetti Feeds                              

Text Box: Team Dinner/Parentsí Meeting
Monday, March 29th
6:30pm @ The RCS 9th Grade Lunchroom
------Meeting to follow------
Food- From Pancheros
Cost- $6 per person


Thursday, March 25th

House: Scott Ferrierís House

Salad: Skye Lawlor

Dessert: Mason Schultz

Drinks:  Conner Sieck

Bread: Lane Culey



Monday, April 5th  

House : Jack Hamburgís House

Salad: Mark DiMaria

Text Box: Team Movie Night
Friday, April 9th
Dinner- TBA at TBA
Broken Hill- 7pm or 9pm at the Elks

Dessert: Chase Conrad

Drinks: Brayden Nelson

Bread: Levi Stotz


Wednesday, April 14th  

House: Gilbertís House

Salad: Tyler Joyal

Dessert: Sam Ellison

Drinks: Mark Strissel

Bread: Sam Pahlke

Text Box: State Tennis Dinner/Awards Voting
Monday, May 17th 
Shooters at 5pm
Each Player needs to bring $5


Monday, April 26th

House: Zach Wevikís House

Salad: Jack Hamburg

Dessert: Caleb Kadrmas

Drinks: Jake Greagor

Bread: Adam Kessel


Thursday, April 29th

House: Daniel Frostís House

Text Box: Putz and Glo
May- TBA

Salad: Sean Seefeldt

Dessert: Logan Oestmann

Drinks: Chaz Foss

Bread: Sean Feehan

Wednesday, May 5th

House: Stephen Tibblesís House

Salad: Ryan Teets

Text Box: Tennis Awards Night
Date, Time, and Location: TBA
Junior Parents are in charge

Dessert: Tyler Gill

Drinks:  Chuck Tang

Bread: Mike Salkowski


Thursday, May 13th  

House: Alex Schoneís House

Text Box: Have enough food for about 36 kids.  
Team Dinner usually start between 5:30 and 6pm.
If hosting, please call to remind those bringing the other items.

Thank you so much for supporting Raider Tennis

Salad: Aaron Seefeldt

Dessert: Sagar Patel

Drinks: Jory Beck

Bread: Kyle Rohrbach